Why is it available to rent?

Jodi, Billy and I (Nick) will be spending the second half of 2012 in Argentina, and so were looking for a suitable tenant to rent the house while we are away.

This is a property that would suit a family or a couple who are interested in living in the country for 6-7 months this year, and remembering that Melbourne is a realistic commute either by train (65 minutes each way on the fast trains) or by car (120km to the CBD).

The 60 acre property has a large lake/dam, 1000’s of trees, amazing views, 40 olive trees, and even the very early stages of a trufferie.

Let us know if you’re interested.


3 Responses to Why is it available to rent?

  1. Sarah Stokely says:

    Oh wow. A friend sent me this link. Looks like you’ve done what I’ve been dreaming of doing. Although I’ll probably end up building near my folks in rural Tassie one day.
    I’ve been househunting around Eltham and Woodend, but daydreaming about Castlemaine. Would love to chat to you about this. 🙂

  2. Nicola Marsh says:

    Hey Jodi,
    have tweeted this for you and will pop on my blog and FB this week as discussed.

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